A Few Easy Steps to Create a Design Portfolio

A few days ago I stumbled upon a blog post with practical tips to create a Design Portfolio and this reminded me about an article we published two years ago with a list of online services for making portfolios for designers. If you’re planning to create your online portfolio, you should read this.

Regardless of whether you’re creating a graphic design portfolio or web design portfolio, similar principles apply, that are covered in this guide. To start building an online portfolio that establishes credibility and expands your professional network, the article covers the following topics:

  • What items to include in your portfolio
  • Ways to describe each portfolio item
  • Online platforms that combine flexibility and usability
  • Ways to optimize your portfolio for viewers
  • Tactics for promoting work

And here are the steps you should follow:

1. Identify Work Samples to Share […]

2. Tell the Story of Each Sample […]

3. Choose a Web Platform […]

4. Optimize Your Website […]

5. Promote Your Work […]

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