Top 10 Character Illustration Tutorials

Mascots are becoming increasingly popular in web design.  In this inspirational round-up we show you 10 great tutorials of Character Illustration. If you like what you see, share with everybody!

How to Create a Vector Illustration and Prepare it for Micro-Stock Sale

There are numerous micro-stock websites that vector designers can design for and make consistent earnings through, such as Shutterstock or Fotolia, which you may be interested in participating in. This tutorial details a professional workflow for creating vector illustrations and prepping the artwork for these sites. I’ve also included a bunch of time-saving tools and tips as well. Let’s get started!


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How To Create Your Own Vector Cartoon Fish

By firstly using the power of pen and paper a character design is created, which is then scanned into the computer to use as a base for tracing with Adobe Illustrator. The final outcome is a colourful cartoon character in vector format!


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How to Illustrate a LeBron James Cartoon Character

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how I use Adobe Illustrator to create vector cartoons.


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Design a Despicable Me ‘Minion’ in Illustrator

In this tutorial we’ll design a character called a Minion from the film Despicable Me using Adobe Illustrator.


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Create a Tiger Striped Cat with Illustrator

In this tutorial you will learn, how to create a Tiger Striped Yellow Cat. Here’s how to create one in Illustrator.



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Creating an Old Man Character with Line Drawings in Adobe Illustrator

This angry old man was created in Adobe Illustrator with the brush tool. What you’ll learn from this tutorial:

– How to place a sketch into a new document
– Some digital drawing tips
– How to fix little mistakes after you’ve drawn your stroke
– Ways to finish and color your drawing


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Create A Vector Art Twitter Bird Character Icon In Adobe Illustrator

Twitter is quite a social media juggernaut as of late. It’s getting to the point that one has to have a Twitter account. And what good is a Twitter account without a link to it? And what better way to link to your Twitter account than with a cool blue bird character illustration? This tutorial will walk you through the steps from sketch to vector in creating an original cartoon-style character vector illustration.


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Create a Character Mascot with Adobe Illustrator CS4

Mascots are becoming increasingly popular in web design. In this intermediate Illustrator tutorial we will show you how to create a vector character mascot from a sketch in Adobe Illustrator CS4. The techniques in this tutorial can easily be applied to other illustrations, icons, and design elements; as well as legacy versions of Illustrator.


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How to Create a Cute Piggy Bank in Perspective with Adobe Illustrator

Many people have difficulty in drawing objects in perspective. Most of the time it helps if you have that particular object in front of you, but we still need our imagination.The most important aspects of perspective are size and distance. If you increase the distance between you and the object you are observing, you need to decrease the size of that object. That way you can achieve a nice depth effect in your illustrations.

In this post we’ll be learning how to create a cute pink piggy bank in perspective with the help of Adobe Illustrator CS4. Enjoy!


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Create the Face of a Greedy monkey

This tutorial will help you create a simple illustration of a monkey face. It uses the Ellipse Tool, the Pen Tool, the Rectangle Tool, the Crystallize Tool or the Gradient Tool. For the the shadow effects you’ll use some classic effects like the Inner Glow or the Gaussian Blur.


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