Harnessing The Best Of Both: The Critical Role Photography Plays In Graphic Design

Visuals are king in graphic design, and it follows that photography has a wealth of already established techniques regarding images, says Stephanie Przybylek of Study.com. To build the images they desire, graphic designers can utilize the latest software and techniques. However, for a more complex and truly arresting piece, photography remains to have an integral part in graphic design. So in that vein, what role does photography have in graphic design — both now and in the future?

Tone And Color

The point of photography is to draw you into a scene using the preexisting colors and hues that are presently out in the wild, according to Nick Carson of Creative Bloq. However, the abundance of color can detract from the scene, so it takes a really experienced eye to bring out the right tones and color. The same can be applied to graphic design. You can use a photographer’s approach to getting the right amount of color to build up the target tone of the piece. 

Image Composition

Good image composition is well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing, says author Steven Bradley. To build a successful finished graphic design piece, the composition of the image is critical. Image composition is the bedrock of photography. Photos aren’t just portraits; they showcase life in stills, according to CanvasPop.com. You can use the rule of thirds when you create your graphic design pieces to apply proper spacing and build a striking visual art. 

Establishing Consistency

Much like other forms of art, your graphic design style can shift with time. When you’re still trying to perfect your personal style, it’s best to avoid trying to use all the different tricks and styles out there. It is in your best interest as a visual artist to take a page from a photographer’s book. They spend years trying to establish their particular style until they’ve covered their bases before moving on to a different approach. It also helps shield you from being “more of the same” from the sea of other graphic artists out there.

Graphic designers can definitely learn a thing or two from photography as a whole. It is best to experiment with the established approach that photographers have when you’re trying to evolve your own graphic art styles. At the end of the day, learning new things and marrying them with the techniques of today enrich not just yourself, but the eventual clients you’ll have.