How to Design a Lasting Logo – Infographic

Logos are a tiny symbol, but they accomplish a lot. They stand in as a visual representation of a company’s values, products, and customer service. Since the human brain processes images quicker than words, consumers use logos as a way to recognize a brand at a glance. That means if a logo changes, their perception of its brand is likely to change with it—which can be a very bad thing if done incorrectly.

With so much risk involved in changing a logo, it makes sense that its design should stay the same for as long as possible. Yet many people change their logos as often as they change their shirts.

Why? Because they hope lots of changes will make up for designs that lack the seven key elements to a great logo. Successful logos all contain these seven traits, even though their design styles vary widely. Check out the image below to learn which essentials your logo needs to gain the staying power of classics like Coca-Cola, Addidas, and more!

Source: Company Folders