Top 6 Graphic Design Trends for Branding Your Business

There are plenty of branding trends that differ greatly from each other. Choosing the right one for your business depends on the style and personality you feel best reflects you. Once you know this, then you need to look to the current day trends which can swing between modern and nostalgic. These decisions are crucial because first impressions last and consumers will absolutely judge your business by its cover.

Understanding your target audience is a crucial element in all of this. What you like may be one thing, but you also need to appeal to your buyers. Sometimes this requires a combination of styles, where at other times a single option is very clear. No matter what you choose, a unique brand identity should be one of your main priorities.

To help with all of this, we have gathered the six best graphic design trends for branding your company to help communicate your best self and gain new clients. As with all trends, things are on constant rotation, so it’s of great benefit to your to keep up with all of the latest advancements!

1. Vintage styles

Ironically, modern looks can involve vintage elements. If a traditional aesthetic suits your business you are in luck. Many companies are going old school with their logo, and packaging design and people love it.

To get the most out of vintage-inspired graphic design, you need a primary image that involves the following elements:

  • Hand-drawn illustration
  • An emblem-frame
  • Product or business name in a hand-lettered font
  • A slogan that features the established year of the business
  • Texturing to make it all seem weathered
  • Muted and natural colors

You don’t have to go too far with this, a mixture of the old-fashioned elements with modern minimalistic design can also work quite well.

2. Pixels

A great follow-on from the first trend which also melds some modern and retro flavours is pixel art. The feel of an 80s video game mixed with something that looks extremely digital? Perfect for the online space.

Also known as 8-bit art, all you need is some monochrome squares in recognizable shapes and bam, you’ve done it.

This method doesn’t only have to apply to a cartoon-like video game feel; it can also be quite abstract and post-modern. Pixelate a bigger image (in a quality way, don’t just blow it up) and you can have quite a fancy effect that captures the eye and makes people spend a second looking. That right there is the name of the game, how to grab some precious attention?

3. Going 3D

The influence of technology on graphic design and branding trends lands us at 3D. This is a great way to convey that you are new, fresh and on the cutting edge.

3D imagery is trimming down the line between real-life and computer-generated visuals that are real attention grabbers. This is especially effective for logos, backgrounds, and lettering and if done well, looks big budget and professional. As with all of these tips though, don’t overdo it. A gentle balance with some other elements, either in this list or not, is a good idea.

4. Geometrics

Along with 3D, another very modern trend is the use of geometrics like grids, abstract shapes, and even just straight lines. This stuff is modernism at its finest and works to the minimalist aesthetic while giving a sense of structure and professionalism.

Geometrics can, however, be a little rigid, so if you are going to use them, offset their harshness with bright and warm colors. Also, throw in some curves. This gives the benefit of clean, modern lines minus the sharp pointy corners.

5. Variety

The idea that you would never change your logo has been around for awhile. It makes sense, you work hard to make something, and that is pointless if it doesn’t remain static. Nowadays, however, companies have many variations of their logos out in the world. Hell, Google changes theirs every day! (Yes, we know, Google is an exception to most rules).

By having several logos, you can optimize to suit the various application or work them in with your social media strategy. From mass-printing on flyers to avatars and mobile apps, logos can be tweaked for different mediums and even different audiences.

6. Negative space

These days we see a lot of businesses using negative space in their logos, and we love it.

The idea is to use empty space as a feature of your visuals, communicating a message. It’s like a little easter egg in your branding. Try turning your negative space into an image for some more dynamics and excitement in your design.

All of these trends can be effective if used correctly but remember: trends only work if they suit the aesthetic and personality of your business. So don’t force it and always keep your customers in mind. Happy designing!

Featured image source: Freepik

James Silverwood is the marketing manager for a <a href="">branding agency in Riyadh</a> - Perpetual Strategic Services. He possesses a unique blend of expertise gained from leading branding initiatives from both the client and agency perspectives.