5 Doctor’s Note Templates

Once you’re a graphic designer, it’s only a matter of time until you get to meet the most common doctor’s notes. There are doctors who require personalized notes, so your duty includes knowing what details each of them should contain and how it should look like. The need for a doctor’s note is a phone call away. Therefore, as they say, it’s best to be prepared then in a hurry.

Some medical clinics or hospitals have their own templates for doctor’s notes. However, most of them differ, as patients have unique needs. The most common doctor’s note includes details about the patient and comments from the physician. Some patients may even ask for a doctor’s excuse, or an urgent care note. Here are some templates to help you familiarize with these notes.

You can download free doctor’s note templates from TemplatesAssistant and thoroughly investigate them. The pack also includes short descriptions for each of them and what you should focus on. They are available in Work and PDF versions, so you can add your logo and name.

After reading what each of them contains, you can decide on the most suitable ones for your usage. With templates already prepared, you will have more time for your patients and the activities that your work mainly involves.

You are free to use the templates in your work:

  • To hand them out to patients physically, as part of your medical work.
  • In your clinic or hospital, if its management decides upon its usage.

You are not allowed to:

  • Use them in any way that is unethical or may harm your career or your patients’ health.
  • Hand them out to patients as blank doctor’s notes for private usage.
  • Sell, sub-license or rent them.
  • Include them in any database, regardless of its location.

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