5 Ways to Aid Your Marketing Team with Vector Graphics

Marketing plays an important role in business, as it directly impacts how people are going to be attracted to your brand. Now, every marketing strategy is impossible without imagery. It is used to capture your potential customers’ attention.
No matter if you are doing your own marketing image material, or if you have outsourced it to an experienced designer, it is important to know that you should always rely on vector graphics, as they offer a variety of benefits in comparison to regular bitmap or raster images.


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The following are some of the best ways in which vector graphics can help out your marketing team.

It will provide more flexibility to your marketing team
In various different business processes, having a lot of flexibility is very important. Providing your marketing team with images which can significantly be edited and which are suitable for a variety of purposes is very important, as it drastically lowers the overall costs.

These are a couple of examples why vector graphics are very useful for marketing purposes.
● Size variety – Vector images are in fact mathematical formulas with precise information about every single element in the image. This opens the possibility to resize the image to any size without compromising its sharpness and clarity. Features like these are very important to the marketing team. They can use these materials for a variety of purposes.
● Use cases – As all images keep their quality no matter their sizes, they are perfect for various purposes. Modern marketing strategies involve the usage of images in videos, paid ads, blog posts, guest blog posts, and for printing materials. This means that vector graphics can be repurposed for a ton of marketing channels without any downsides.

This flexibility is not something that can be achieved with regular bitmap images, which lose quality when cropped or resized.

A clean and modern design


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Staying up to date with modern design trends is very important. Vector graphics are currently very useful. Less is more is the current web design trend. Vector graphics offer the opportunity to create a clean flat design look that a majority of customers around the world are already used to. This is going to be appreciated by your marketing team, as that particular design catches the customer’s attention with ease, without burdening them with unnecessary clutter.
A clean design is very important for every marketing strategy. It simply inspires customers to view your brand as an authoritative figure.
For example, one of the popular trends that are not likely to change any time soon are infographics, and vector graphics are perfect for easily creating these images.
Help with brand consistency
Brand consistency is very important in every business. This is why many companies use their marketing strategies to spread a prominent message that can be noticed everywhere they show up. For example, by simply having your logo on all of your products and advertisements you will easily establish some brand consistency.
The point is to display one of your company’s prominent design elements so that it’s always noticed. Take Apple for example. No matter what product they create in the future, it is going to be known that it was made by Apple simply due to the logo at the back.
As vector images are more suitable for editing and resizing, your marketing team is going to easily make use of them whenever your brand makes a public appearance.
Brand consistency is important, and it is simply more easily achieved with vector graphics.

Loading speed


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All of the images created for websites carry a particular size. One of the great benefits of vector graphics is that, no matter how big the image is, it is always the same file size. So, you can enlarge it as many times as you want without slowing down the functionality of your website and this is an important SEO element. Pages that load slower can easily lose their rank in search engine’s result pages.

It is cheap image material

The acquisition of these images is not something that costs quite a lot of money. If you are hiring someone to create the image, it is not going to cost a lot, as the competition among graphic artists is quite high, especially when you take into consideration that a majority of stock image websites offer vectors as well, all for a reasonable price. So, if the budget is your worry, remember that these images are no more expensive than regular bitmaps.
The properties of these images make them very useful for marketing purposes. This will significantly improve your marketing team’s efforts.

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and Overall ROI. He is associated with <a href="">Artwork Abode</a>.