New Adobe Illustrator Tutorials in 2017 August

Here are the newest Adobe Illustrator Tutorials (or Corel Draw and Inkscape) of August 2017. Read them and learn to create a Flat style Wind Mill, a Cake, a Food Truck, Mouse Icon, a Floral Watercolor Wreath and even a Folding Paper Fan.

10 Simple Steps to Make a Flat Wind Mill in Adobe Illustrator

“In this tutorial we’ll create a simple wind mill in a trendy flat style just in 10 steps, using basic geometric shapes, strokes, Free Transform Tool (E) and a couple of handy functions of Adobe Illustrator.”

“In today’s tutorial, we’re going to get our nutritionist hats on and explore the process of creating the primary five food groups that dictate how healthy one’s body is. As always we’re going to take the easiest approach possible, by creating them using the most basic geometric shapes and tools that Illustrator has to offer.”

Serve Up Sweetness With Your Own Cake Vector!

“Create something on the sweet side with custom brushes and the Rotate Tool in Adobe Illustrator CC. We’ll speed up the process of illustrating a decadent cake vector with a couple useful techniques, ready for a plethora of designs.”

“In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an illustration on an Oktoberfest theme. We will take basic shapes, warp here, distort there, and as a result we will get a Bavarian man with beer glasses and pretzels. You will learn how to create the pretzels from one of my previous tutorials.”

How to Create a Mouse Icon

“…we’re going to explore the process of creating a simple mouse icon, using nothing more than the basic geometric shapes and tools found within Illustrator.”

How to Design a Food Truck in Adobe Illustrator

“In this Illustrator tutorial, you will learn how to illustrate a food truck using very simple techniques.”

Create a Floral Watercolor Wreath in Adobe Illustrator

“In this Illustrator tutorial, you will learn how to create a watercolor floral wreath.”

“Transform a simple geometric shape and wavy lines into a topographical map icon in minutes!”

Create a Folding Paper Fan in Adobe Illustrator

“In this tutorial, you will learn the step-by-step process of how to create the folding paper fan in Adobe Illustrator. Some of the skills you will learn will include creating basic shapes, vector shape-building techniques along with using the Align and the Pathfinder panels.”

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