New Vector Tutorials in April and May 2015

Here are for you the newest Adobe Illustrator Tutorials (or Corel Draw and Inkscape) of April and May 2015. In these two months we saw tutorials that can help you to learn to create Carot Text effect, a Cute Monster,  a Robot Character, various icons and more. Which one is your favorite?

Create a Carrot Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

In the following Illustrator tutorial you will learn how to create a carrot text effect.


How to Create an Open Tin Can with Pieces of Fish in Adobe Illustrator

In the following tutorial you will learn how to create an open tin can with pieces of fish in Adobe Illustrator. For starters you will learn how to create the main shapes using basic tools (Rectangle, Ellipse tools, Pen…) along with vector shape building techniques (Offset Path, Pathfinder, Clipping Mask…). Next, you will learn how to add color, shading and highlights for your shapes using linear gradient, a bunch of effects, and the Transparency palette. Finally, you will learn how to create a simple background and add a subtle shadow for your tin can.


In the following steps you will learn how to create a detailed monster character in Adobe Illustrator. For starters you will learn how to set up a simple grid and how to create the main body shape using basic tools and effects. Using basic blending and vector shape building techniques along with a simple blend, you will learn how to add shading and highlights for that body shape.


Create a Notes Icon in Adobe Illustrator

For starters your will learn how to setup a simple grid and how to create the main shape using several tools and effects along with some basic vector shape building techniques. Moving on, you will learn how to take full advantage of the Appearance panel and how to add subtle shading, highlights and textures for your shape. Finally, you will learn how to create an editable, scribbled piece of text.


How To Create A Halftone Vector Effect Using Illustrator

In this quick tip we will be sharing with you how with you how you can create a halftone effect, which is a scalable vector. This is a very useful technique, which is very popularly used within print design. The tutorial final outcome takes less than a few minutes or so to implement the technique, so why not try it out ?


The increasing popularity of rolled sushi has resulted in the spread of this dish around the world. Nowadays, there are so many variations and fillings that we can all find something to our taste. In this tutorial we’ll create our own rolls and combine them into a set of colorful icons. We’ll create a base with some simple shapes and transformations and then use it to create as many variations as we can by replacing separate details, like in a constructor.


The Mesh Fill Tool can be one of the most daunting vector tools no matter the program. In this tutorial we’ll render a simple apple in CorelDRAW and use the Mesh Fill tool to its fullest. We’ll pair it with the Drop Shadow tool and Fountain Filled shapes to create a simple, semi-realistic apple in no time!


Create a cityscape in Adobe Illustrator

“You’ll start from an Illustrator template file, where I prepared the document for you including the colors I’ve used. We go step by step through the process, creating the sky, the grass, houses, trees, bushes, clouds… I show you several different, yet very simple techniques. Hope you are ready for this very extended tutorial. I promise it’ll be fun…”


How To Create a Vintage Text Effect in Illustrator

We’re going to take inspiration from 19th century typography for today’s vintage text effect tutorial.


Create a Robot Character in Illustrator

In this Illustrator tutorial, we will learn how to create a cool robot using very simple techniques. We will use the effects along with some basic vector shapes to achieve the final outcome in a short time. Hopefully you will learn some useful tips along the way.


Today’s tutorial will show you how to create a set of pirate-themed icons with the help of Adobe Illustrator. The process will be mainly based on the use of basic shapes, with a touch of the Pen Tool here and there.


Create a pencil texture Scatter Brush in Illustrator

The advantage of using a brush is that you also have control over the amount of texture you want to be applied. Creating such brush is also pretty straight forward.


Wireframe Animal Skulls Using Illustrator’s Blend Tool

In today’s tutorial we’re going to use nothing but Illustrator’s Blend tool to create a wireframe that’s so detailed you would think it was made in a complex 3D programs. By just drawing a few basic paths with your mouse, Illustrator can generate a series of intricate lines that resembles an animal skull.


In this tutorial we’ll be creating a semi-realistic wooden palette for painting. We’ll use some basic shapes along with simple freehand drawing, and then we’ll add spectacular effects, making the palette look more real with the help of the Image Trace function that will help us to add some texture to our image.


I'm a graphic designer from Transylvania, working with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, I just love vector illustration. My design interests include user interface design, icon design, branding and identity design.