The Power of Infographics in SEO and How to Harness Their Potential

People respond to visuals. It is a known fact and has been true to millennia. It is why we find symbolism in even banal images. It is why we feel differently depending on our surroundings. In terms of education, seeing graphs and other visual cues can help memory and comprehension, making infographics the best way to quickly rely on information to the general public.

As a digital designer, you likely already know the power of an infographic in regards to engagement, but unless you also know how infographics work with SEO, you will never be able to help your clients out as much as you could. By learning how infographics and search engine optimization go together, you can increase your services and your rates simultaneously.

Clients are often star struck when the term SEO is introduced. They know they need it, and they might even have an inkling on how to get it, but for most, it will be out of their reach. That is where you can come in and wow them, thus securing long-term clients and even bringing in a new swarm of income.

The Power of SEO

When ¾ of the world’s population uses Google, you have to pay attention, and you must play by their rules. If you don’t, you will completely miss out on the 1.2 trillion searches made every year by people who are looking for either specific information or companies to buy from or use. Part of what they look for can be answered in the form of an infographic. In fact, infographics are so popular that if you know how to better market and create your infographic, you can provide your client not only with the image but also the campaign they need to make it popular. This trait is what will set you apart and what will bring in more business than you can handle.

How Designers Can Increase their Services

To bring in this extra business you will need to do two things:

1.    Help Create a Content Marketing Campaign

Content should never be thought of an island, but instead an underground network. Everything needs to connect and link back together at some point. By working with your clients, you can work on creating a great content marketing campaign that will make your infographics more popular. Content marketing is key to SEO, and by offering it, you can charge a premium.

2.    Outsource SEO Services

You don’t even have to necessarily have the tools or resources yourself to provide SEO services. Instead, you could rely on professional white label SEO services to get the job done for you. White label refers to the reports that are generated that you will then need to provide to your client. It will show what has been done and what results have been made. The reason why it is so critical that these reports are “white label” is that they do not contain the logo or any other identifiable marker of the digital marketing agency that made them. This way you can either pass on the reports without labels, or add your own.

You can expand your business exponentially, without even necessarily taking on more work for yourself. Do this by understanding how SEO works and partnering with professional agencies to increase the number of services you can offer to clients. You will bring in more income, they will have the best infographic designer and marketer, and everyone is happy.


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