Why UX Design is so Important for Website Optimization

UX, or user experience design, is the process that a digital designer would use to create interfaces that optimize the usability and functionality of websites, apps, games and a whole host of other computer software. Providing an easy to use system for a client’s target audience creates a positive experience that will keep consumers engaged and loyal to the company’s product or brand.

The aesthetics and design of a website or program will certain draw an audience in, but it becomes slightly pointless when the interface is irritating and difficult to use. A UX designer oversees the whole user process from start to finish and encompasses all customer touchpoints in between. A job role that has become increasingly in demand with the rise of the smartphone and mobile devices.

Looking at why UX design is so important for website optimization, companies will see an increase in conversions and a reduced bounce rate if consumers can navigate a site quickly and with ease. People are naturally quite impatient, but especially so when it comes to technology. So, providing an excellent user experience online will boost customer satisfaction and build trust around a brand. Not only that, but good UX design can also increase a company’s SEO rankings as Google actively promotes great user experience in their search results.

To become an amazing UX designer, you will need to have a keen eye for informative design, and knowledge of programming and application development. Completing a master in computer science online will provide you with the skill set required.

Some of the actions a UX designer takes to achieve this are as follows:

Define the Problems

A UX expert can help to spot the problems and then work to try and fix them quickly and effectively for you. They will map out the user’s journey from beginning to end and highlight the issues that arise, they will then be able to create ways to rectify the problems that they find.

Reduce the Number of Steps

The user will want to be able to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible online and this is important to create more conversions and sales. Regardless of what the customer is buying, a UX designer will want to create an efficient system and minimize the risk of users becoming frustrated and not completing the purchase process. This would be one of the worst outcomes, so avoid this at every turn.

Highlight Clear CTA’s

A call to action is purely there to induce a viewer or user to perform a specific act and a UX designer will look to enhance these online. Having a simple click-through button stating ‘read more’ is poor and doesn’t explain the reason why. A good call to action provides the user with more information and will also enhance Search Engine Optimization. Examples of useful call to actions that a UX designer might create include ‘sign up to our cosmetic mailing list’ or ‘book your tickets now’.