Free plugins for Adobe Illustrator

Nowadays, Adobe Illustrator is the leading program when it comes to vector editing. In the newest version of this program you can find almost anything to work with vectors, but we bet there are some plug-ins that you still need. We took the time and collected some free plugins we think may help you.

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Concatenate plugin

Concatenate is a plugin filter for Adobe Illustrator that connects two or more paths into one continuous path.

Select menu

This plugin adds 18 additional object types under Illustrator 10’s Select menu:


Creates arrowheads on the end of an open path, sized for 7 point type. Will optionally create a white halo behind it so it stands out from the background.

Rotate Text

Rotates point text to 90, 60, 45, 30, 0, -30, -45, -60 or -90 degrees.

Astute Graphics


ectorScribe is the ultimate vector toolkit allowing you to edit and create vector artwork faster, smarter and dynamically through an intuitive and fully integrated plugin system.


WidthScribe is a unique plugin to enhance your vector work enabling you to vary multiple width strokes with both ease and speed. The results bring your work to life and create real depth and impact.

Dynami Sketch

Specifically designed to improve your vector design workflow, the Dynami Sketch tool means you can draw more naturally and intuitively in vector and speed the process up to such an extent that you’ll save up to 30% of your time during the initial drawing process.


Use Inkscribe to replace the Pen and its related tools, and it will revolutionise the way you draw precise and calculated shapes.


SubScribe is a creative workflow enhancement tool for all designers working in Illustrator. It provides simple access to common drawing tasks such as lines to/from curve tangents or perpendiculars and circles and arcs defined by 2 or 3 points.


Mirror your artwork instantly on one single or multiple reflective axes. This will become an essential part of your daily vector design workflow.


Control color directly within Adobe Illustrator! The core tools are live (non-destructive) with Effects and permanent Filters allowing you to adjust color in Illustrator for vectors, text and embedded images.


Rasterino is the ultimate embedded image solution for Adobe Illustrator. Gives you previously unobtainable control directly in your document saving you hours in your common tasks.


Versatile tool for anyone who creates or handles artwork in Illustrator destined for print. It provides a streamlined workflow where the operator can remain within Illustrator to instantly identify and correct print issues. This easy to understand information and feedback on critical aspects of print readiness for your artwork files means you can control printing costs.

Stephen Vincent


Kimbo adds 11 new tools in 2 tool groups to Illustrator’s tool pallette. These tools permit the creation of artwork that would otherwise be difficult or time-consuming to create. The main tools are Mirror, Cut, Rectangle Cut, Tile, Rosette and Spike.


Curvius adds 5 new effects and filters to Illustrator. They are Crenellate, Roughen Roulette, Straighten and Arrowhead.


Tessella allows you to create not only rectangular patterns but also rhombic, hexagonal, triangular ones as well.

Mesh Utils

Mesh Utils adds seven commands in the Object menu, one effect and one tool to create, colour, and otherwise manipulate gradient meshes.


This plugin creates natural-looking textures as Live Effects from gradient-filled art. The textures are created as paths ( no pixels allowed! ).

Point Tweaker

This plugin allows you to view and finely adjust the coordinates of path points. Path data is also shown.

Baby universe


To make your Adobe Illustrator become a highly functional 2D-CAD tool, which is equipped with 8 kinds and 17 highly functional tools, accessed through the Illustrator tool box, including a convenient information palette. You can easily measure free curved lines and objects.


To convert standard CAD DXF files into AI files in Illustrator, and also to convert AI files into DXF files for exporting. By incorporating this great tool, you can import and export files in between CAD and Illustrator with an accurately drawn plan with smoothing technology.


CAD-COMPO 3 includes two softwares, BPT-Pro 3 and EXDXF-Pro 3. To make your Adobe Illustrator become a highly functional 2D-CAD tool and it is possible to convert standard CAD DXF files into AI files in Illustrator, and also to convert AI files into DXF files for exporting.

DB Palette

Great image registration tool with sorting function, that registers both vector and raster images. This plug-in software allows you to easily sort out and organize your files, and even search using keywords. You can also share data written with the software with other users within the same network. This special feature allows you to collect scattered linked data in the documents, and bundle & save it in 1 folder to be utilized when it comes to printing.


DDCSV is the plug-in software, which helps to do the Auto-pagination system within Adobe Illustrator. DDCSV use a CSV file to put on texts and images. It is easy to do Auto-pagination, you just “Drag and Drop” into your Illustrator.

AlphaRay Shader

AlphaRayShader is the Plug-in Software for Adobe Photoshop that makes 3D image from 2D image. AlphaRayShader can process the 3D image as easy as making 2D images. You can give the 3D effects to 2D images instantly by AlphaRayShader without 3D image tool.

AlphaRay Direct

AlphaRay Direct is Adobe Photoshop’s plug-in software, which arange multiple images along text or image path. The AplphaRay direct has inexhaustible settings, so the AlphaRay Direct reveals more of its features as you use.


Software for creating QR codes in Adobe Illustrator. As the QR code generated in Illustrator is a vector, you can use the QR code for DTP purposes that require high resolution data.


Create Barcodes in Illustrator with this highly functional Plug-in software!It is reborn here with new great functions to meet customer demands based on feedback on the previous functions and features.


A highly efficient plot driver Plug-In for Adobe Illustrator, which supports output from Illustrator to Plot machines. This high performance tool can cut smooth curved lines, and moreover it can support a connection with a network!


An Adobe Illustrator TIIP (DXF) File converter Plug-In, which can convert and share TIIP files of Apparel CAD format in between CAD and Illustrator.


A great solution for automatic typesetting with Adobe Illustrator. This system works together with the data base in Adobe Illustrator. With the help of this flexible, automatic typesetting system, you can bring your work to a more advanced stage easily. It provides more sophisticated composition in addition the the former functions of table setting and catalogue typesetting.

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