How Logo Maker Technology is Making Logo Design Affordable and Accessible

Here is a fact: today’s businesses, both small and big, understand the importance of building brands with purpose. After all, how else would you explain names like Xerox and Google becoming so big that they are used as verbs today?

However, businesses, especially the ones operating on a small scale, still avoid creating their own brands because of a lack of resources and high costs. The good news is that this is changing today.

The advent of Logo Makers

Logo makers are web services that allow you to create unique and interesting logos in real-time even when you don’t have experience with graphic design. These services also cost just a fraction of the fees charged by professional designers.

Logo makers have become incredibly popular across the globe as they are easily accessible and available 24/7. Some of the most advanced programs are even capable of creating unique logos in a matter of minutes!

The logo maker industry is booming. New sites are coming online every day, one such logo maker site is tailor brands but they are others like logomaster and creating logos with these tools is childsplay.  

See the example below of how Tailor Brands works, but all logo maker sites follow a similar format:

1. Enter the name of your logo and tagline (optional) and hit “Design!”

2. Enter the name of your industry (you can enter the keyword and it will display a few suggestions for you to choose from). Also share the details of your business as in what you are all about, your location and target customers, etc. This information will help the program learn more about your brand

3. Now you have to choose the base for your logo. You can pick any of these 3 formats:

  • Name Based: In this, your brand name is the main focus of the design
  • Icon Based: This kind of logo picks an interesting icon that’s relevant to your brand and industry. Some popular examples of icon-based logos include Nike, BMW, etc.
  • Initial Based: These logos are based on the initials of brands. For instance, HP stands for Hewlett Packard which is the name of the brand. In the same way, BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation

Before making a decision for this part, you may want to learn how to choose from the various types of logo designs.

4. Based on Your Choices from earlier, you will be asked to provide additional details. Let’s say you picked “Icon Based”. In that case, you can either find the icons yourself from the content library or let Tailor Brands create an abstract shape for you.

5. At this point, you would have entered into one of the most important phases of the design process. Now, the program will display two kinds of sample designs several times and you have to select one of the two at each step. This will help it to pinpoint the ideas and design elements that make sense to you. So, make your choices wisely.

6. Let the program process your requirements. Within a few seconds, it will display some of the finest designs. You can pick the one that you like the most and either download it directly or make changes before you do that. You can change the font, icon orientation, colors, etc.

Why Logo Makers are Loved by Many?

In this day and age, people want their solutions online, and they want them instantly! So, while the entrepreneurs are free to learn about the latest graphic design trends for branding businesses, and how they can create premium logos with traditional software like Adobe Photoshop, most wouldn’t want to spend the time on that when there are many other pressing matters about the business.

While professional graphic designers can charge a few hundred dollars, and even remote freelancers can charge up to $100 for logo designs, online logo makers cost no more than $10-$20. You also get tons of other features like social media banners, business card designs, etc. that aren’t available with the other options. This is why the logo maker apps are becoming popular by the day.

There is no denying that technology has evolved a lot today. We have a whole range of tools for a business that covers areas like sales, marketing, accounting, etc. We now also have advanced tools for branding, and logo makers are some of the best products that are available in that category today.

And as a bonus here is a nice video tutorial on How to Design a Hand Lettered Logo using Procreate and Illustrator.

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